CalcAir is more than just an advisor; we are a partner in your sustainability journey. Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable future for our planet and future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations cut their carbon footprint, support environmental responsibility, and make sense of sustainability. We're dedicated to helping businesses succeed and make the planet healthier.

Our Company

At CalcAir, we're committed to making the world better by helping businesses go green and fight climate change. We strongly believe that businesses can lead the way in creating a greener and more socially responsible future

Meet the Founders

Founded by industry experts - We are trusted and a capable partner, fully equipped to provide expert assistance for eco-conscious impact with a net profit to your business.

Anders Borch

Extensive experience in international corporations, where I've specialized in optimizing enterprise business processes and leading carbon footprint assessments, effectively connecting the realms of business success and environmental sustainability

Phone: +45 50 18 20 53
Email: [email protected]

Thomas Jepsen

Extensive management experience, serving as a trusted advisor to diverse clients and industries. My background in technology and consultancy equips me to provide strategic guidance in the evolving field of environmental sustainability.

Phone: +45 27 58 55 78
Email: [email protected]